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We really appreciate that of our many wonderful patients who have taken the time to write their thoughts about their experiences with our various health care providers and have allowed us to publish their thoughts. These reviews are from verified customers of our business. Customer names have been suppressed to protect customer privacy.

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Testimonials for Balance Bodywork

North Colorado Natural Health Associates


Testimonials for Rocky Mountain Natural Medicine

North Colorado Natural Health Associates
You are very science-minded and went above and beyond to help me have success with my condition. Your knowledge and experience with correct supplementation for athletes impressed me; you helped me complete my first Ironman Triathlon by preparing me nutritionally and educating me on the appropriate pre and post race supplementation. Thank you Dr. Barker!

Testimonials for Colorado Center of Health and Nutrition

North Colorado Natural Health Associates
Love how "doable" Dr. Kim Bruno has made my eating plan.  I am achieving weight loss goals with a mental  ease I never thought was possible.  She has kept things practical and simple for me.  I have lost 19 lbs. in just six weeks!  I feel like I am understanding how to make good food choices for the first time ever.  I plan to continue working with her until I am able to reach my weight loss goal and maintain it.  So excited about the journey.

Testimonials for Fort Collins Family Acupuncture

North Colorado Natural Health Associates
Absolutely amazing! Kimberley Benjamin is an amazing Acupuncturist. She is very knowledgeable, thorough and caring. She is also very flexible and accommodating when it comes to scheduling appointments.