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We really appreciate that of our many wonderful patients who have taken the time to write their thoughts about their experiences with our various health care providers and have allowed us to publish their thoughts. These reviews are from verified customers of our business. Customer names have been suppressed to protect customer privacy.

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Testimonials for Balance Bodywork

North Colorado Natural Health Associates


Testimonials for Rocky Mountain Natural Medicine

North Colorado Natural Health Associates
When seeing a medical professional, I greatly appreciate not just a pill and a bill, but someone willing to help you learn about the body and best maintain good health.

Testimonials for Colorado Center of Health and Nutrition

North Colorado Natural Health Associates
In September 2011, I arrived at Dr. Bruno's office after I had received a perfect bill of health from my M.D. Over many years I had tried to find answers to my health issues, after several visits to different doctors I was told it was all in my head or that I was just getting older, get used to it. I was having strange reactions to some foods.

After 12 years of what looked like chronic fatigue with muscle stiffness, vertigo, headaches, insomnia, heart palpitations, brain fog and nausea, I now was starting to have neurological issues. I needed answers. Dr. Bruno knew exactly what I was talking about and gave me two tests, one for food sensitivities and one called an organic amino acids (OATS) test which checked vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats and mitochodrial functioning. Both showed numerous problems and some serious metabolic imbalances.

Working with Dr. Bruno has been a pleasure and I could not be more pleased with the results. Dr. Bruno has skillfully guided me through some very troubled waters and even though it has only been 9 months, most all my health issues have been resolved or are well on the way to resolution. All done without medications, only addressing metabolic deficiencies or excesses and some food intolerances. It is not an exaggeration to say she has given me my life back and the future looks much bright than this time last year.

Testimonials for Fort Collins Family Acupuncture

North Colorado Natural Health Associates
Incredible Experience! I?ve been receiving Acupuncture treatments here for almost a year for reasons varying from injury, energy, allergies, and sickness. Every time I leave a treatment, I experience incredible healing within a day?s time. It?s truly incredible. Both Kimberley and Jennifer are wonderful at what they do, and truly invest in your health and psyche.