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We really appreciate that of our many wonderful patients who have taken the time to write their thoughts about their experiences with our various health care providers and have allowed us to publish their thoughts. These reviews are from verified customers of our business. Customer names have been suppressed to protect customer privacy.

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Testimonials for Balance Bodywork

North Colorado Natural Health Associates


Testimonials for Rocky Mountain Natural Medicine

North Colorado Natural Health Associates
I have been searching for years to answers to some of my health issues and have been unable to find any (even from doctors at Stanford Medical Center).  That is, until I made an appointment with Dr. Barker.  He has helped me more than any other doctor I have seen and I am totally amazed.  I can't believe I have finally found a REAL doctor, who is not just going to put a "band-aid" on all of my issues.  Dr Barker is the greatest.  He is a combination of the best of both worlds.  He listens and really cares about helping people.  I highly recommend him.

Testimonials for Colorado Center of Health and Nutrition

North Colorado Natural Health Associates
I would like to tell you about my journey which led me to treatment with Dr. Kim Bruno. One year ago, I was at Cedars Sinai having stents put into my heart. Even though I am young and fit,  my left main to my heart was 90% blocked, hence the need for the stents  I was in LA on my way to DC when that happened. I went to the hospital because I couldn't sleep that previous night due to difficult in breathing.  This was the first time I have ever experienced difficulty in breathing.  Oddly, I only experienced difficulty in breathing when I was sedentary.  When I was on the treadmill, was speaking, walking, or doing anything active, I seemingly was fine.  Only when I was watching TV or sitting down did I experience this breathing difficulty.

My cardiologist at Cedars said, don't be surprised if your breathing problem doesn't go away, even after stents.  My breathing improved slightly, but never got 100% better.  On that fateful nite in LA, my difficulty factor in breathing was about an 8 (on a scale of 0 - 10).  After stenting, it was about a 5.

Since reviewing the functional lab work and then following the treatment plan Dr. Bruno designed, my breathing has been much better for the first time since the surgery.  I once read (after internet searching) that a lack of B vitamins can cause difficulty of breathing.  I still do not know the exact cause of this issue, but I know it is much better.  Before taking the supplements, my breathing difficulty was about a 4-5.  Today, it is about a 1.  And most importantly, it is getting better every day.

If this didn't work, I was going to Cedars to see a real pulmonologist.  I saw one in Hawaii, but they don't compare to the quality of doctors at that hospital.  Since my pulmonologist in Hawaii said he hadn't seen anything like me whereby I feel better when I exercise and am only bad when I sit (no problem sleeping now), I wasn't optimistic that anyone here could help me. But the treatment plan from Dr. Bruno has done it.  Thanks so much; I am so glad that this process has helped me in an unexpected way!

Testimonials for Fort Collins Family Acupuncture

North Colorado Natural Health Associates
Jen was Excellent. My first appointment with Jen was great. She took time to ask me questions and understand my condition, and after the treatment, I felt clear headed, and had more energy. She is a skilled practitioner.