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Thermal Imaging

Thermography at The Thermogram Center -- Natural Health Associates

Thermal imaging is high-resolution, highly detailed imaging that supports the earliest detection of warning signs and risk of an individual’s breasts, teeth and body. It is a totally safe and painless imaging procedure that uses no radiation, injections, or other invasive procedures. The process employs sophisticated infrared cameras and computer systems to detect infrared thermal (heat) abnormalities emanating from the surface of the body.

What makes thermal imaging different?
The greatest difference lies in the type of information an individual is able to receive from the two tests. For example, CT or MRI imaging looks into the body for tumors, blocked arteries and other structural changes. But some types of health problems will slowly evolve and rob an individual of their quality of life. And it is these subtle sorts of issues that cannot be detected by structural imaging. Infrared imaging can be used to help the individual and their doctor get rid of any symptoms, through  treatment, before they the issues become more serious.

Infrared imaging detects altered heat patterns emanating from the surface of the body as the result of disturbed neuro-chemical feedback signals. This allows individuals to get a better handle on how well their body is functioning. Therefore infrared imaging can help to warn a person in advance of symptoms that one or more serious health problems might be developing. Armed with this information can give a person time to take pro-active action to stop or head off the possibility of significant damage to their body. Thermal imaging offers individuals a test that may give an early warning of some of the most common types of conditions that ruin their quality of life.

For breast clients, The Thermogram Center uniquely provides ‘Risk Assessing Thermal Imaging’, (RATI), which assesses each person’s breast cancer risk with a ‘Thermobiological Risk Rating’ – which a simple number the patient can use to monitor their level of risk over time.  Many individuals feel they want thermal imaging instead of standard mammograms and feel much more empowered with the information thermal imaging provides. The Thermogram Center has been providing these services and helping men and women assess and manage risk factors for cancer, and other health conditions, since 2002.

Natural Health Associates offers thermal imaging services through The Thermogram Center.