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Kris Ball, RD

Kris Ball, RD - DietitianKris Ball knows that developing a healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. She has been a Registered Dietitian for 17 years and has counseled and guided hundreds of people of all ages who know they need to be healthier and want to do something about it. Her goal is to help her clients find the healthy eating plan that works for them and help them reach their health goals.

When you work with Kris, you don’t need to worry about starvation diets, confusing pill combinations, or awkward-sounding procedures. She guides you with nutrition facts and information to help you make the right food decisions. All you need to do is stick to those – with her help. Whether you are looking for help working within dietary restrictions, the knowledge to make better choices, or help with eliminating your craving for french fries, she is ready to guide you through making one small change at a time.

Kris also finds that some may need extra testing to find out the root cause of the issue. If you are experiencing symptoms or body changes such as gut disorders, aching joints, headaches, skin abnormalities, having a hard time losing weight/obesity, and others, detailed testing may help to uncover their source. Food sensitivity testing or gut health testing is one way to do this. This testing combined with counseling can help reveal the food sensitivities or allergies that may be causing those individual symptoms and get you on track to feeling better.

Kris’s goal is to help people of all ages live the best and healthiest lives they can.

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