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Curing Constipation – A Simple Yet Effective Way to Find Relief

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Have you seen that new movie Constipation? Yeah, neither have I because it hasn’t come out yet! Did I hear a giggle there? It’s okay to let yourself laugh at that one. We might live in a society where it is seen as taboo to talk about your bowel movements, but I am pretty sure we would all agree that the occasional poop joke is pretty funny.

Bowel movement. Poop. Number two. Feces. Stool. Crap. It doesn’t matter what you call it, we all poop. It is a normal and necessary function to flush waste material from the human body. We hopefully all know how satisfying a good bowel movement can be and we likely, though I do not wish this upon anyone, know how frustrating it is to have bowel issues. Most people have experienced the discomfort of constipation at some point in their life. According to the NIH, roughly 42 million Americans are affected by constipation making it one of the most common gastrointestinal disorders.1 Yikes!

What exactly is constipation though? Medically speaking, constipation is having fewer than 3 bowel movements per week with stools that are hard, dry, and difficult to pass. Usually constipation only lasts for a short period of time, but for some it can be an ongoing problem. There are a lot of “natural” solutions right at your fingertips with a simple google search; magnesium, prunes, high fiber diet, drinking loads of water, laxative teas, and more. Some people will try all of those and still have uncomfortable bowel movements though. What in the world is the solution for a comfortable bowel movement?

Well I’m going to let you in on a little secret that might sound absurd but just follow along and your world will be changed. Sitting on the toilet with your feet on the floor is improper pooping form. Say what?! Then where am I supposed to put my feet you ask? Drum roll please… on the Squatty Potty! It is “the stool for better stools”! Perhaps you have seen the commercial and thought to yourself “what is this silly commercial with a unicorn pooping out ice cream. That can’t be a real product”! Well guess what? It is a real product and it has revolutionized the world of bowel movements.

Here is why the Squatty Potty works. We have a muscle in our pelvic floor called the puborectalis muscle. This muscle creates a sling for the rectum that maintains the anorectal angulation for continence. When we sit down on a toilet regularly, the puborectalis muscle is tugging the rectum creating an increased angulation which causes a person to strain while taking a poo. Squatting decreases that angulation allowing one to easily and fully evacuate their bowels. It is often explained using a garden hose. When there is a kink in the hose, the water spurts out at best, but often nothing will come out. Once the kink is removed, the water can flow out freely. Have you ever been out camping when nature calls? You walked off into the woods and dug yourself a nice cat hole (hopefully to proper sizing) and then squatted over your hole and took one of the most glorious poos of your life? You can do that every day with the Squatty Potty and you don’t even have to dig a hole! You get to go right in your shiny porcelain throne! You may not have the same wonderful backdrop and the fresh scent of pine trees, but you at least know there isn’t a moose watching you from a distance.

The Squatty Potty fits nicely tucked away around the base of your toilet. When you are ready to go to the bathroom, you simply sit down and pull the Squatty Potty out enough for you to put your feet up in a comfortable squat position and voila! Magic happens. You might still be skeptical and that’s okay. We have one in the restroom at Natural Health Associates so next time you are in the office for your appointment, give it a try! If you are convinced that you must have one, we have a link at the bottom of our website that will take you right to the site!

The Squatty Potty is absolutely wonderful, however, if you suffer from chronic constipation, I would recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our fantastic practitioners. Chronic constipation can be related to diet, hormones, medications, and more. We can help you get to the root cause of your constipation so that you can have regular bowel movements again!

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Author —  Savannah Russell – L.Ac., Dipl. O.M. – Fort Collins Family Acupuncture

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