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Are You Inflamed?

– Posted in: Natural Medicine

Inflammation is a term that gets thrown about a lot these days. It’s as if everything leads to inflammation! But what exactly does it mean when we talk about inflammation? And more importantly, what do we need to do in order to prevent and control inflammation in the body? You can think of inflammation as [...]

Healthy Digestion Tips

– Posted in: Natural Medicine

Naturopathic medicine wisdom says that health begins in our gut. And certainly you’ve heard the saying “you are what you eat”. If you think about it, every part of our physical selves is derived from what we eat and drink. And, new research is showing that our gut bacteria have a strong influence on how [...]

Sweating and Detoxification

– Posted in: Natural Medicine
Sweating is important for detoxing

It’s often said that sweating helps the body ‘detox’.  This makes sense – the body is always working to rid itself of the byproducts of metabolism - thus we urinate and defecate to this end. However, you’ll never read anything in a physiology textbook about how the process of sweating also helps to remove toxic [...]