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Myofascial Release and Fibromyalgia

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By Lacy Hulecki


Do you suffer from Fibromyalgia but have struggled finding something that eases the daily discomfort? Are you tired of having fatigue, sore joints, brain fog, sensitivity and muscle pain?  If so, book a Myofascial Release session with me, Lacy Hulecki, your NHA myofacial specialist.

Fibromyalgia takes a lot out of people, it is like having plantar fasciitis all over your body. For years I have heard about it, met a few people with it, but up until recently nothing I had learned or heard about seemed to be the answer for clients. Back in March I started my training with John Barnes Myofascial Release. Since then learning about Fibromyalgia and how to work with the condition is something I have spent a lot of time on. Since my training in Myofascial Release the first client I had said “ I feel like this is the first time someone has actually gotten to the root of my problem, usually people work with just the symptoms.” That statement alone has pushed me to work harder and constantly learn more about Fibromyalgia, because after all wouldn’t some relief be nice?Massage and yoga helps neck and back pain

During a Myofascial release session I will put sustained pressure on an area until your body lets me in. The Fascial system cannot be forced, it takes time and patience to really get into the tissues to create lasting change.  During the session I will also do cranial work to activate the parasympathetic nervous system to get the clients body out of the constant “fight or flight” mode that inflames the fascial system.

Lastly, I know that clients suffering from Fibromyalgia want that relief and want it fast. Although major relief can come from just the first session it will take time to get your whole body feeling good on a consistent basis, it is a journey to health and balance. I will show you ways at the end of each session on how you can continue to make improvements in your body on a daily basis to give you more lasting effects. 

Do something good for your body today and book an appointment with me to see how Myofascial can help relieve your fibromyaliga pain.