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Improving Children’s Immune System with TCM and Acupuncture 

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By Savannah Russell, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M

Acupuncture  is part of an  ancient medical system  known as Traditional Chinese  Medicine (TCM). It is commonly  used to treat a multitude of ailments  in adults and is gaining popularity among  pediatrics. Acupuncturists are helping children  where others can’t and for many, it is lifesaving.  

Most  kids, as  well as a  lot of adults,  are afraid of needles.  So the pairing of acupuncture  and kids might not be an obvious  one. However, more and more parents  are seeking alternative methods of treatment  for their children. This is because our conventional  medical system is faltering a bit. Pharmaceuticals are  proving to be more harmful than beneficial for many, especially  kids. And with the bodies and brains of children still being developed,  who can really blame a parent for wanting to find an alternative to drugs  with adverse side effects?

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Parents  are turning  to acupuncture  because it provides  a safe resolution of  illness, while also preventing  future illnesses. This happens because  acupuncture and acupressure stimulate the  body’s ability to restore and heal itself.  Our bodies are fully capable of fighting off  disease and healing injuries when the right tools  are provided. Acupuncture not only stimulates the immune  system, but also relaxes the nervous system and regulates  the digestive and hormonal systems. All of these things need  to be in balance for the body to heal.

Kids  are more  prone to getting  sick because their  immune systems are still  being built. Children also  tend to be more susceptible to  bacteria and viruses because of their  immature immune systems. For some kids,  school can create added stress that taxes  the immune system. There are a lot of factors  involved when it comes to staying healthy.

This  is where  TCM can be  very beneficial.

TCM  approaches  illness and  ailments from  a very different  angle. In TCM, wind  is one of the six external  pathogens that can invade the  body and produce symptoms. The external  pathogens responsible for the cold are seen  as invasions of wind. The body is protected by  something known as the Wei Qi (defensive Qi, pronounced  “way chee”). The Wei Qi is comparable to the immune system  in conventional medicine and acts as the first line of defense  when the body is under attack from external pathogens. If the Wei  Qi is strong, then the body is capable of fighting off invaders like  viruses and bacteria. The Wei Qi keeps the pores of the skin closed and  prevents wind from entering.
Acupuncture is a great way to boost the immune system of adults as well, especially when children go back to school and bring home lots of bugs. There  are also other techniques that are used in TCM that may help, like gua sha or cupping. Both of these techniques stimulate blood flow  and help remove toxins through the skin, which can boost immunity.

Whenever you feel like you need a little boost, give your providers at Fort Collins Family Acupuncture a call. We would love to see you and help keep your household happy and healthy!