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Getting your Body Ready for Spring! 

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By Lacy Hulecki, Licensed Massage Therapist


Spring time is here and the weather is getting nice, but have you kept up with your outdoor activities all winter? If not are you easing your way back into the process or becoming a weekend warrior that spends forty eight hours going full strength just to find yourself sore and exhausted Monday morning. We all have our ways of getting back into activities and they all work, just make sure that some where in there you are taking care of yourself, your muscles and your connective tissue.

This month I want to take more about myofascial release and why I have come to love this technique for just about everything.

Fascia is a continuous sheet of extremely strong, yet mobile connective tissue that supports the entire body. Muscle, bones, tendons, ligaments, vital organs and fascia are so intertwined that it is impossible to separate the influence of one from another. Until recently fascia’s vital function in the body was widely overlooked in the medical community. When your body is injured by falls, accidents, surgery, birth defects, etc. your fascia responds in an effort to protect the injury and results in “restrictions” or areas of adhesions to muscles, bones, nerves, vessels and other soft tissue. These restrictions can decrease the functioning of your body and cause pain.

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Myofascial Release (MFR) is a set of hands-on techniques performed to release the grip of restricted fascia. Instead of working in gliding motions over the muscles, MFR is slow, controlled, and focused on manipulating the fascia. The therapist holds pressure positions for three to five minutes with each manipulation. After treatment the affected tissue will become softer, more pliable and it will allow your fascia network to return to its original form. Your body will function with less pain and restriction.

So whether you are out playing kick ball with your children, running ultra marathons, or just going on hikes during the weekends in this lovely weather make sure you are checking in with your body and getting the work you need.