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Effective Menstrual Cramp Treatment

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By Lacy Hulecki



The dreaded menstrual cramps. That thing nobody wants to talk about but so many women suffer from. Once a month some women have to endure a pain that is sometimes excruciating and can last for days.  No matter how painful, Myofascial release can help. Just thirty min on my table, just before they begin or even during can help diminish that pain or even eliminate it completely.

I worked with a women whose cramps were so painful they interfered with everyday activities. In one thirty min session I was able to free them from pain completely and it stayed away every day except one, and when it came back it was much weaker. The following month she stated that while the cramps were back they were much better than before. This is someone who has suffered excruciating pain for years. I am confident that as she returns for Myofascial release sessions they will continue to weaken and the results will last longer and longer each time.

During your session I will be working on your abdomen and low back holding pressure in different areas for three to five minutes. The pressure is gentle enough that it will not cause more pain but deep enough to help release the connective tissue that will ease the pain of cramps.

Whether its regular old menstrual cramps or pain from endometriosis I can help you. So, please don’t accept the fate of having monthly cramps, come in today to get rid of unnecessary pain. Give Myofascial release a try and have a happier and less painful period.