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An Easy Way to Make Self Care a Priority

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By Lacy Hulecki, Licensed Massage Therapist

Self care should be a priority in every single persons life, but for some reason it always falls to the bottom of the list for the majority of people. Maybe they think it will take to much time, money or energy or maybe they are so stuck in a routine they can’t imagine adding one more thing to their day.  Today is the day I want that to change.

People pay money to get massages and get frustrated when their 10+ years of chronic pain isn’t fixed in one session, they get frustrated that the lasting  results fall short of their expectations, yet when asked if they are doing self care between massage sessions the answer is almost always no. It’s easy to make excuses for why we are not incorporating self care. I am not here to judge I am guilty of this myself. I am here to tell you, aren’t you sick of being in pain? Having a lack of mobility? Having headaches? The quickest and best way to start feeling better is to do your self care at home.

Whatever it is, I don’t care if it is five minutes or two hours just try and do at least one thing a day for yourself. Get up from your desk at work and stretch out your shoulders, take a walk around the block, or lay on a Myofascial release ball I highly recommend to clients. I have mostly given up all my other self care tools (and I have A LOT) for the Myofascial realize ball.  I love the Myofascial release balls we sell at Natural Health Associates because they are the laziest way to take care of yourself. They are soft and gentle yet give you just enough support to let your body melt onto them releasing the fascial system. All you have to do is pinpoint an area and melt onto the ball for five plus minutes. You can use them as your drifting off to sleep, watching tv or even at the top of a mountain after a long hike. I bring mine everywhere with me. I bring them on road trips, plane rides and even hikes, they are one of the essentials I always pack these days. Come in for a Myofascial release session and learn how and where to use the balls on your body.