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4 Tips to Managing Holiday Stress

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4 Tips to Managing Holiday Stress
By: Dr. Jason Barker, ND

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s always loaded with over commitment, over spending and plain old over doing it!
Unfortunately, the holidays are a stressful time, rather than a time to relax, have fun, visit with family and friends and just enjoy life at the end of the year.
So what can you do to have fun, rather than stress out this holiday season?


1. Keep it Manageable 
There are always too many parties this time of year. Go to the ones you want to.  If attending the others creates stress, then ‘reschedule’ them. See if you can go out with those people or persons who are hosting the get together in the new year, when schedules aren’t so tight.
2. Keep it Scheduled
Along the same lines, schedule your time.  Write it all out – when you’ll shop, when the school play is, etc. That way you’re not surprised when your week is too stacked for you to enjoy it.
3. Keep Your Diet on Track
“Diet” in this case refers to how you normally eat. Sure, everyone enjoys the holiday treats, and you should!  But, don’t over do it to where it creates stress, guilt and grief.  It just don’t make sense to enjoy a food, then beat yourself up for it.  Set a target for what you’ll enjoy, and stay with it.
4. Keep Your Own Time
So much of our stress is generated by our reactions to the outside world.  Take time each day (or twice a day) to turn inward and settle your mind. Meditation, prayer, reading, etc, – do whatever works for you, to keep your mind focused on the fun and off the stress.
Focusing on these 4 tips can help you manage the holiday stress and hopefully keep it down to a point where your holidays are more fun-filled, rather than stressed!
Wishing you good health and happy holidays,
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